Main Building


We completed our Main Building in April 2012. It has a Kitchen; a light, spacious Social Hall; and a quiet Meeting Room. Doors lead from the new Social Hall into our beautiful redwood Sanctuary. Built in the 1960s, the Sanctuary retains its beauty while benefiting from modern improvements.


sink faucet, fridge, counters
Our kitchen is a great place to make food for your gathering or to have a caterer prepare.

560 sq feet. Range (6 burners)/double oven. Commercial dishwasher. Small dishwasher. Refrigerator-freezer. Double refrigerator. Two microwave ovens. Double pot coffee maker.

Note: Not a commercial kitchen.  Kitchen use guidelines.

Meeting Room

The Senghas Meeting Room is the perfect size for meetings, small parties, or for wedding parties to wait before their big entrance.

340 sq feet. Safe occupancy limit: 23. Audience seating for 20. Table seating for 12. Upright piano.  Meeting Room use guidelines.

Social Hall

room full of tables and chairs
Situated at the heart of the Main Building, our light-filled Social Hall is a great place for a gathering. The Social Hall has a convenient pass-thru to the Kitchen, entrance to the Meeting Room and Sanctuary, and passage onto both patios.

2,600 sq feet. Safe occupancy limit: 375. Audience seating for 140. Table seating varies depending on set-up (104 with round tables, 8 at each, more with smaller tables). Sound and images from the Sanctuary can be piped into the Social Hall.

Each time the Social Hall is used, we ask that the furniture be returned to the default configuration so the space is ready for the next event.  Social Hall use guidelines.


sanctuaryWe hold our worship services and special celebrations in the Sanctuary. Redwood panels, natural light, and plush chairs look out onto nature. This space is popular for music recitals, weddings, and other celebrations–many of which have receptions in the Social Hall and on the patio.

2,400 sq feet. Safe occupancy limit: 300. Audience seating for 160 (147 chairs; bench seating along back wall). Grand piano. Audio-visual system (must be run by church AV Operator). Sanctuary use guidelines. Sanctuary use guidelines.


rentlibraryThis book-filled room with natural light is great for small gatherings and celebrations. In nice weather, open the doors and spill out onto the patio. It’s just across from the Main Building.

750 sq feet. Safe occupancy limit: 98. Audience seating for 40. Table seating for 25. 2 tables 49.5” square, 1 table 97˝x49.5˝ rectangle; chairs 37; upright piano; pull-down movie screen; large digital monitor. Nearby kitchenette with mini-fridge, microwave, sink. Library use guidelines.


BridgehouseHome to Redbud Montessori during the week and Religious Exploration classes on Sunday, the Bridgehouse is a cheerful space filled with child-sized chairs and tables. There is a playground out back. It’s not usually rented out, but is an important part of our campus.

2,200 sq feet. Safe occupancy limit: 60. Children’s tables and chairs. Outdoor playground. Kitchen with sink, stove, oven. Bridgehouse use guidelines.


interior and exterior of cottageA converted small house, the Cottage is a quiet, contemplative, and secluded space with access to a grassy grove, meditative pathways, a labyrinth, and the church gardens. 380 sq feet.

  • Retreat. Enjoy a few hours, an evening, or a whole day away to work on your spiritual path, prepare for your next steps, or just relax. Consider bringing a yoga mat, journal, meditation cushion, a favorite book, or art supplies.
  • Meet. The Cottage may also be rented out as a meeting space for small groups, clubs, and non-profits.
  • Celebrate. This sunny, cozy space is ideal for baby or wedding showers, birthday parties (with a grassy area and picnic tables just outside), or other rites of passage.
  • Amenities: The Cottage has heating, air conditioning, and two restrooms (one is ADA compliant).

Main Room: Seats 20. The Main Room features a conference table, widescreen video display, and white board. There is plenty of natural light, floor space adequate for sitting meditation or yoga assana practice; a small piano, area rug, and cushions. There are benches, folding chairs and tables to arrange for your purposes.

Break Room: Seats 4-6. Features a small refrigerator, sink, microwave, hotplate and electric tea kettle. A work table is provided.

Cottage use guidelines.


garden, fountain, and treesThere are lots of places to walk, sit, and enjoy the shade. Outside space can be reserved for free with the rental of a building.

Patio: Situated between the Library and Main Building, this area is ideal for spillover from an event in the Main Building or Library. Paved outdoor area: 675 sq feet. Outdoor lighting is controlled by timers and light sensors. Restrooms are available in the nearby Library and Main Building.

Hedges’ Grove: Situated between the Bridgehouse and Cottage, this shady area is perfect for an outdoor party! Grassy area: 3750 sq feet. Seven picnic tables/benches. Restrooms are in the nearby Cottage.

Parking: We have ample vehicle parking (paved lot, 36 spaces; north gravel lot, 50 spaces; south gravel lot, 40 spaces) and three bike racks on our campus.