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Stewardship 2021-22. Resilience & Transformation

Stewardship 2021-22: Resilience & Transformation

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Thank you for your resilience! We acknowledge some of what you, our staff, ministers, congregants, friends and lay leaders have done this year…virtually.

Welcoming Each and All

  • Cared for the most vulnerable among us by staying apart
  • Listened and shared at deep listening groups
  • Attended creative, magical RE programs
  • Shared our voices at World Cafés
  • Raised funds at a fun & successful service auction
  • Celebrated our Senior Minister’s 20-year anniversary
  • Enjoyed a drive-through holiday photo shoot
  • Made newcomers & visitors feel welcomed

Cultivating the Spirit

  • Quickly adapted services and programs to be on-line
  • Connected with those far away in services and programs
  • o          Brought in a variety of music and guest musicians,
  • o          Enjoyed our Juuliebells, virtual soloists and choir music
  • Participated in a Christmas service with other UU churches
  • Stayed connected to UCD campus students
  • Listened to guest speakers
  • Provided services to people who prefer to/need to attend from home

Serving Others

  • Shared the plate with many nonprofits
  • Supported fire victims and emergency grants
  • Created quilts for kids & congregants
  • Reached out to friends in need of support
  • Celebrated the lives of church friends we have lost

Serving our Community, Building, and Grounds

  • Maintained our grounds and buildings
  • o          Hand watered our grounds when the well was not functioning
  • o          Ensured our well was repaired
  • o          Installed acoustic panels
  • Advanced leadership development
  • Filled vacant leadership positions
  • Restored the Human Resources committee
  • Held meetings and retreats to take care of the business of the church

Our Quest for Justice

  • Participated in social & racial justice groups
  • Worked to protect democracy
  • Increased our focus on the Climate Crisis
  • Supported undocumented students