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Stewardship 2020-21: Deepening our Connections, Cultivating our Community

Thanks to all who attended our All-Ages Church Grounds Day Party! Saturday, February 22, 9am-noon

Start your day with hearty morning treats, hot coffee, tea, cocoa, Outside FUN!

Opportunities for all ages: rake pine needles, trim bushes, spruce-up our church campus (indoors too).  Bring: sunhat, sunscreen, water bottle.


Generous Fun Event: Pi Day (3.14) Pie Party!

We’ll reschedule and enjoy pie together at a later date!

Everyone is invited to join us in Deepening our Connections and Cultivating our Community with Pi(e)!  This day, 3/14, is Pi Day, so we’ll indulge with a Pi-themed potluck.  The options are endless… pizza pie, shepherd’s pie, quiche, fruit pie, pumpkin pie…. RSVP so we can plan & let us know, are you bringing a savory or sweet pie?  office@uudavis.org