Speaker: Alex Haider-Winnett

Online Worship: Bending the Curve Together

Alex Haider-Winnett spent the spring as a hospital chaplain in Sacramento. He will reflect on his time spiritually serving patients and staff in a time of global pandemic. What does COVID-19 teach us about the power of love, community and grace?

Worship link (subject to change): … read more.

In the Bleak Midwinter

December 29, 11:15am ONLY, Alex Haider-Winnett; Clifford Ohmart, Worship Associate.  As we wrap up 2019, let us settle into the stillness and quiet of midwinter to reflect and rest. This time calls on us to seek, find and hold a stillness. In this solstice and … read more.

A Listening Heart

June 30, 10am onlyA Listening Heart; Alex Haider-Winnett, Summer Minister; Emily Burstein, Worship Associate.  What would the world be like if we listened with an open heart?  Using the June theme of Beauty, we will learn about and experience the style of deep listening used … read more.

The Premise and Promise

Alex Haider-Winnett, Intern Minister, Worship Leader; Grainne Grant, Worship Associate. 

Alex reflects on his time serving this community and considers the premise and promise of 21st Century Unitarian Universalism. Alex begins a new position as Summer Minister: coordinating Summer Worship and Adult Religious Exploration programs.

Coming of Age Service

Alex Haider-Winnett, Worship Leader; Coming of Age Youth, Worship Leaders; Lily Roberts & Meghan Kelly, Worship Associates

Our middle school students have spent the past few months learning about UU history, theology, identity, and practice. They share things they’ve learned about themselves, Unitarian Universalism and the … read more.