Day of Remembrance

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Cliff Ohmart, Worship Associate; Mariachi Puente, led by Hiram and Ximena Jackson. 

Please bring photos, mementos that recognize the unique character––including interests, little quirks, and gifts––to honor those we love who have died. Children and youth remain 30 minutes to experience the altar. Personal reflections will be in the place of a sermon.

Mariachi Puente is an after-school music group of mostly junior high and high school students.  We perform mainly traditional Mexican mariachi and Spanish language songs to promote and appreciate Mexican and Latin American culture.  Puente is Spanish for “bridge.”  As a musical group, we bridge a younger generation of musicians to the legacy of their parents and families; we bridge the music of one culture to the larger local community; we develop character, discipline, and the courage in students to present their work to an audience as they pass from early adolescence into high school and beyond.  We seek to make student participation affordable to any student who will invest the time.  We seek to connect with the community.