Online: What Is a Hero? The Sources of Our Inspiration

Online Worship           
Martin Luther King Sunday

Mary Higgins MacDonnell, Worship Associate

On Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday, Rev. Beth Banks will preach about heroes in our society.  Unitarian Universalism has six Sources as touchstones of inspiration.  One Source is, the lives of prophetic people who confront power and transform with love. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. continues to be one of this nation’s historic prophetic voices and heroes; his thoughts will be represented in our worship.
What are the attributes of heroes who guide us? We’ll consider the lives of heroes whose names, thanks to the work of contemporary historians, are emerging.   Over the next few days, consider who is a hero for you, and why.

Our On-Line service will be live-streamed from the UUCD Sanctuary.

Due the pervasiveness of the Omicron variant in Yolo County, UUCD worship services will continue online in January.