June 16, 2024, After Worship

In-Person & Online


Everyone may attend. 

In-Person: Everyone will exit the worship service onto the Sanctuary Patio (toward the fountain) and return via the Social Hall (so a quorum can be counted).

Online: Everyone will exit the worship zoom and then re-enter using the Zoom Link (so a quorum can be counted).

Quorum = 38 Members in attendance.

Members* may vote on the Annual Budget, the Candidates for the incoming Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee, the GA Delegates, and GA Voting Guidance for the Proposed Article II Revisions to the UUA Bylaws.  Only Yes/No votes will be accepted.

Annual Meeting Agenda June 16, 2024

* As per the Bylaws, Voting Privilege. Only members of the Church who have been members for at least thirty days and have made a pledge or financial contribution of record to the Church during the preceding twelve months may vote or be counted for the purpose of establishing a quorum at membership meetings of the Church.