During the COVID-19 safety measures, please find our worship services on YouTube, posted at 10:30am Sundays.

You’re invited to make a chalice and have it ready for the beginning of worship.  Make a Chalice from items you have at home (clay, Legos,??) OR have a “Chalice Kit” delivered to your doorstep (and other RE crafts). Fill out this form for delivery.

You’ll be invited to light your chalice when we light the chalice in our recorded worship. Take a picture of your lit chalice and send it to office@uudavis.org with permission to share it. Bring your brunch to worship! Invite a circle of friends to a coffee hour discussion on Zoom or Facetime following worship.

Although the church presence is constant, there may be adjustments to sermon topics or the emphasis of a service. We’re all learning new skills, and we’ve discovered that circumstances can change quickly!


Online Worship: Preaching from the Housetops

Rev. Előd Szabó, Balazs Scholar; Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leader; Steve Burns, Worship Associate.  The fiddler on the roof is a well-known symbol for the desire to find joy and happiness in uncertain times such as we are now experiencing.  Likewise, a preacher on the housetop … read more.

Online Worship: Ramadan: Opening the Gates of Paradise

Jaki Conklin, Worship Associate.  Ramadan commemorates the month when the Qu’ran was revealed to Mohammed. We’ll share important stories about Ramadan and its importance for practicing Muslims. Our service will include the thoughts gathered from members of Davis Engagement and Interfaith Network, DEIN.

Pre-recorded and offered … read more.