Namecalling: Humility not Humiliation

Alex Haider-Winnett; Lily Roberts, Worship Associate; Juuliebells performs.  In this time of darkness and stillness, it can be useful to find new ways to listen to our deepest longing, to hear those things that call us to be together. In this sermon, I look to … read more.

Solstice Celebration & Potluck Dinner

Grainne Grant & Rev. Morgan McLean.  Join us to celebrate the turning of the earth and the return of the light at this year’s solstice service. Sing, share, and have a ritual candle-lighting as we look toward a new year to be reborn with the … read more.

The Wholly Family

Rev. Beth Banks & Steve Burns, Worship Associate.  How is your family sacred?  Singles who find a family of chosen friends; the family with a husband and wife; same-sex couples; families with biological, adopted, and foster children; families without children; the list of possibilities is … read more.

Return Again

Rev. Morgan McLean; Steve Burns, Worship Associate.  As we prepare for The New Year we ask, What do we want to leave behind? What do we want to carry forward?