Child Dedication Ceremonies

Child dedication ceremonies are usually crafted by the parents and a minister. They include:

  • A blessing for the new life of the child;
  • An expression of the parent or parents’ hopes for the child;
  • A promise by the congregation to support and nurture the child.


One of our ministers gets to know a couple and works with them to craft a personalized, meaningful ceremony.  We respect the worth and dignity of every person, and that applies equally to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. UU congregations and clergy have long recognized and celebrated same-sex marriages within our faith tradition.

Celebrations of Life (Memorial Services)

After a loved one’s death, we come together in community for a time of sacred sharing and memory. At UUCD, the minister is here to help create that time.

You will meet with the minister to agree on the date and time of the service and to begin planning. The minister will get to know the family and hear memories. They will also provide a template Order of Service, suggest readings and hymns, and help coordinate participants. The minister will also coordinate the accompanist.

Guide to Celebrations of Life at UUCD

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