Online All-Ages Celebration: Samhain

Join us via this link. 
Join us on Saturday, October 31st, at 6:00 pm for a kid-friendly, virtual Samhain celebration.
Len Hayward; Worship Associates: Meghan Kelly, Molly Napier
Samhain (pronounced sow-inn) is the Pagan New Year festival. It begins at sunset on October 31st and ends at sunset on November 1st. Traditionally, Samhain marks the end of the summer harvest and ceremonially welcomes the darkness of winter. It is a rite of letting go, beginning with an acknowledgement of what we have gained, how we have changed and who we have become, and followed by a period of mourning what we know we must release. It is a time to honor those who have died during the year. It is a time to joyfully reconnect with our ancestors and invite them to share in our feast. Historically, bonfires were lit, the Summer King was burnt, fireworks set off, and then the feasting began.