On the Journey to Excellence

Rev.Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Ann Hillman, Worship Associate

When in your life have you gained competence or excellence? Whether it is playing piano, becoming an effective water polo goalie, gardening (Religious Exploration meets at FARM Davis this Sunday!), writing poetry, or navigating relationships across culture and race, where we put our time is where we gain skill.

March 10, All Religious Exploration Groups for Children & Youth meet at FARM Davis, http://farmdavis.org/ Caretakers are asked to drop off their children at the FARM and are encouraged to stay!  This is part of our social service learning this year; in April, FARM Davis will receive half of the monthly offering. Fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested for those in need, including at Davis Community Meals.   Nursery care will still be available in the Bridgehouse for families with young children, but our teachers and program leaders will be waiting for everyone else starting at 11 a.m. We’ll have an opening Circle, learn a little about what happens at the farm, and get our hands dirty… Literally! Please wear work clothes. Around 12:30, we’ll enjoy pizza fresh from the outdoor pizza oven and plan to leave by 1 p.m. Find us at the FARM, 25450 County Road 95.

Our church has done several work days at the farm and will return on Saturday April 6th from 10 a.m. to noon for all who are interested. Our children and youth will return again on Sunday June 9th to harvest what they plant on March 10th.