Life Odysseys feature congregants who lead profound and meaningful lives reflecting UU values and a deep connection to our church.  Interviews are moderated by a member of the Life Odysseys team.  They’re videotaped for UUCD archives (use links below to watch select interviews) and (by permission) with the Yolo County Archives* (asterisk indicates inclusion in the Yolo County Archive).

Life Odysseys – Participants 2012 – 2020

compiled by Susan Steinbach, 2024_02_06

Speakers for 2012-2013 church year:

  1. *Will and Jane Lotter
  2. Lois Grau, *Dorothy Foytik
  3. *Ray and Ellen Coppock
  4. *John and Nancy Jungerman
  5. Donna Lott, *Joyce Takahashi
  6. Corinne Cooke, *Milton Hildebrand
  7. *Bill and Ruth Hall

Speakers for 2013-2014 church year:

  1. *Rich and Evelyne Rominger  
  2. *Eldridge and Judy Moores
  3. *Carlena and Ron Wike

Speakers for the 2014-2015 church year:

  1.  Chuck and Ann Halsted
  2.  *Ramon and Karen Urbano
  3. *Captane and Helen Thomson

2016-2018 on hiatus

Speakers for the 2018-2019 church year: 

  1.  John and Barbara Ashby
  2.  Gale Sosnick, *Joan Stek
  3.  *Nancy Richter Brzeski, *Marty West
  4.  *Kirk Ridgeway, *Stan Dawson
  5.  *Diane Evans, Jack Whitsett
  6.  *Bob and Liz Young
  7.  *Neil and Peg Rutger


Speakers for 2019-2020 church year:

  1.  *Robin Datel and Dennis Dingemans