Immigration Justice During a Pandemic

The pandemic calls us––a sanctuary congregation––to find virtual and limited physical interaction (in accordance with social distancing standards) ways to continue to support the AB 540 and Undocumented Center at UCD, the work of interfaith groups addressing immigrant issues, and to raise funds for the undocumented community.  

Please read this report of our efforts so far to support undocumented students, immigrant families, people incarcerated for their undocumented status; our collaborations; and our plans going forward

Leadership for UUCD’s actions including, but not limited to, activities cited in the UUCD Sanctuary Declaration.

As a Sanctuary Congregation, UUCD members agreed to:
• Be a voice for justice in the public square of Yolo County and in the Pacific Central
District and the Pacific Western Region of the UUA.
• Support UC Davis SPEAK and the AB 540 and Undocumented Center when
requested to do so by students or staff.
• Have congregants who become trained as legal observers, rapid responders,
accompaniment companions and UndocuAllies serve when called upon.
• Raise funds to support the undocumented immigrant community.
• Attend rallies and actively support selected local, state and federal legislation that
protects the immigrant and undocumented communities.
• Support the immigration work of interfaith groups and other nonprofits in Yolo
County and the greater Sacramento area when they request our assistance.
• Join Area Congregations Together/People Improving Communities Through
Organizing (Sacramento ACT/PICO) and become active with the ACT/PICO
immigration team.
• Continue to listen, learn and work as individuals and as a congregation to promote
justice, allowing the needs, visions and voices of the communities with whom we
work to guide us.