Membership in this Church is understood to be a covenantal relationship in which members come together as a community to learn and grow, to worship and serve, and to grieve and celebrate. Members agree to participate in the life of the Church and to support it with their gifts of time, talent, care, and money. The Church, in turn, pledges to support each member’s spiritual journey by making possible rich and varied opportunities for shared worship, religious exploration, community service, social justice, and social action.

Official membership is not required for most activities at UUCD. But when you feel like this is your spiritual home, this is the path to follow:

  1. Attend worship, events, and/or groups at UUCD.
  2. Attend a Getting to Know UU session (email
  3. Decide that UUCD is your spiritual home.
  4. Sign-up for the Path to Belonging (email, where those who want to become UUCD Members share their spiritual paths, meet other newcomers, learn about UU history, the denomination, and our congregation in particular, and interact with ministers and lay leaders.
  5. Sign the Membership Book.
  6. Participate in the New Member Ceremony during Sunday worship.
  7. Continue to engage and grow as a Member of our congregation.