Worship Altar
Worship Altar
Worship Altar


Adult Worship is offered Sunday mornings in the sanctuary. Worship features thought-provoking sermons and live music. Dress is casual. If you're new, please introduce yourself at the Welcome Table. On the third Sunday of every month we donate our collection to a non-profit whose values mirror ours.

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Monthly Worship Themes and Events

Our worship and lifespan learning follow a Monthly Theme. Read this month's.

Theme Resources Survey: share your ideas for movies, books, articles, podcasts, or other sources to share on these themes. 

Worship Schedule

Summer: Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, Only 10am Adult Worship and Children's & Youth Religious Exploration ____________________________________

Fall, Winter, Spring (After Labor Day, before Memorial Weekend):

Except first Sundays of the month
9:30-10:30am & 11:15am-12:15pm Adult Worship and Children's & Youth Religious Exploration;

First Sundays of the Month
9:30-10:30am Adult Worship and Children's & Youth Religious Exploration;
10:30-11:00am Conversation with the Board
11:15am-12:15pm First Sunday Intergenerational Worship: Children and youth take leadership roles with Rev. Beth Banks. The first half-hour is lively and interactive. Then the children and youth leave for their classes. The second half continues as a regular worship service and includes a sermon.

Rev. Banks at Pulpit

Click here to read about upcoming worship services and to find out if there are changes to the schedule.

Music Ministry
Chalice Choir
Chalice Choir


Music at worship is performed by The Sparks Choir, Juuliebells Handbell Choir, and by a variety of other musicians. Click here to learn more about the Music Ministry at UUCD.

Team Sunday & Worship Associates

Team Sunday volunteers do hands-on welcoming and worship service support.

Worship Associates work with the Minister to create Sunday worship. They contribute personal reflections and research. The Associate is responsible for writing significant portions of the Sunday service. During the second year of a Worship Associate's term, an Associate may be responsible for cooperatively creating an entire service for a guest speaker or giving the sermon. Worship Associate Brochure & Application