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2013-14: September, Vocation; October, Sacrifice; November, Pilgrimage; December, Incarnation; January, Courage; February, Love; March, Brokenness; April, Transformation; May, Hope; June, Belonging; Summer.

2014-15: September, Unity; October, Forgiveness; November, Gratitude; December, Repair; January, Resistance; February, Prayer; March, Sin; April, Redemption; May, Blessing; June, Sabbath; Summer.

2015-16: September, Hospitality; October, Reverence; November, Grace; December, Waiting; January, Authority; February, God; March, Suffering; April, Compassion; May, Transcendence; June, Awakening; Summer.

2016-17: September, Covenant; October, Healing; November, Story; December, Presence; January, Prophecy; February, Identity; March, Risk; April, Transformation; May, Embodiment; June, Zest; Summer.

2017-18: September, Welcome; October, Courage; November, Abundance; December, Hope; January, Intention; February, Perseverance; March, Balance; April, Emergence ; May, Creativity; June, Blessing; Summer (July & August).

2018-19: August, End of Summer; September, Vision; October, Sanctuary; November, Memory; December, Mytery; January, Possibility; February, Trust; March, Journey; April, Wholeness; May, Possibility; June, Beauty; Summer (July & August).

Bending the Arc, A Social Justice Quarterly:
2016-17, August; 2017 January-March; 2017 April-June; 2017 July-September; 2017 October-December;
2018 January-March; 2018 April-June; 2018 July-September; 2018 October-December

Building Dedication and Celebration - read all about it! See more photos!

Lifespan Learning Catalog: Educational and community-building opportunities for all ages.

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