Rev. Morgan McLean

Online Worship: Preaching from the Housetops

Rev. Előd Szabó, Balazs Scholar; Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leader; Steve Burns, Worship Associate.  The fiddler on the roof is a well-known symbol for the desire to find joy and happiness in uncertain times such as we are now experiencing.  Likewise, a preacher on the housetop … read more.

Unitarian Namesakes

Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leader; Steve Burns, Worship Associate

Three Davis Junior High Schools are named for Unitarians: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Oliver Wendell Holmes. We’ll look at their lives and their times and see the resilience of their character and faith.

The Table of Bounty & Generosity

Rev. Beth Banks & Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leaders; Emily Burstein, Worship Associate. 

UUCD thanksgiving festival, fashioned after Flower Communion: Bring something to create a bountiful cornucopia. Our altar has had bunches of fresh herbs, squash, melons, root vegetables, homemade bread, and so much more.  … read more.