Rev. Morgan McLean

Diet of Torda––1568

Rev. Lehel Molna, Balázs Scholar; Rev. McLean; Autumn Labbé-Renault, Worship Associate. 

The Edict of Torda proclamation in Transylvania was the first of its kind: the right of individuals to believe and worship according to their own understanding; for clergy to preach and teach the Gospel … read more.

Stewardship Sunday: When it passes out of sight, that’s when its power begins

Rev. Beth Banks, Rev. Morgan McLean, Alex Haider-Winnett, Aimee Crawford, Matt Seelke.  We search for the answers to riddles.  The clues are found in these questions: What moves in a circle and changes form as it travels? What must be consumed to continue to exist? … read more.

Solstice Celebration & Potluck Dinner

Grainne Grant & Rev. Morgan McLean.  Join us to celebrate the turning of the earth and the return of the light at this year’s solstice service. Sing, share, and have a ritual candle-lighting as we look toward a new year to be reborn with the … read more.

Deck the Hall

Rev. Beth Banks; Rev. Morgan McLean; Alex Haider-Winnett; Alison Skinner, Music Director.  Celebrate the season with multigenerational participation: a joyful 30 minutes of music and story, followed by beautifying our social hall and sanctuary for the holidays. Our festivities include making decorations and trimming the … read more.