Rev. Beth Banks

The Song of Trust

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Steve Burns, Worship Associate. 

Whether the relationships you celebrate on Valentine’s Day are friendships, romantic, or family, trust is at the foundation of love. Research has shown that it is also important for neighborhoods, community organizing, and nations. It’s created … read more.

Stewardship Sunday: When it passes out of sight, that’s when its power begins

Rev. Beth Banks, Rev. Morgan McLean, Alex Haider-Winnett, Aimee Crawford, Matt Seelke.  We search for the answers to riddles.  The clues are found in these questions: What moves in a circle and changes form as it travels? What must be consumed to continue to exist? … read more.

Celebrating Music

Rev. Beth Banks, Alison Skinner, Barbara Meixner, Linda Birse, Andrei Baumann.  The staff musicians present a morning of music.  We honor the power of music in our lives and share how it touches others.  We celebrate the talents of the many volunteer singers and ringers … read more.

EvenSong, Possibility

Rev. Beth Banks & Alison Skinner.  Evensong is a brief worship experience preparing us for the transition from day to evening, or the weekend to week. Invite friends, and use this to begin an evening together. Participate or let the music flow around you. Candlelight.  … read more.

The Wholly (Holy) Wonder-fully Human Family

Rev. Beth Banks & Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leaders; Steve Burns, Worship Associate. 

How is your family sacred?  Singles who find a family of chosen friends; the family with a husband and wife; same-sex couples; families with biological, adopted, and foster children; families without children; … read more.

Deck the Hall

Rev. Beth Banks; Rev. Morgan McLean; Alex Haider-Winnett; Alison Skinner, Music Director.  Celebrate the season with multigenerational participation: a joyful 30 minutes of music and story, followed by beautifying our social hall and sanctuary for the holidays. Our festivities include making decorations and trimming the … read more.


Rev. Beth Banks & Alison Skinner.  Welcome the night with meditative song, a few readings, quiet, ritual, candlelight. Transition into the week with intentional, relaxed centering.