Rev. Beth Banks

Online Worship: Thresholds of Awakening

Rev. Beth Banks; Worship Associate: Emily Burstein
Thresholds are physically, emotionally, and spiritually powerful places. Some cultures and religious traditions have rituals to designate threshold crossings. The brain becomes alert at a threshold: beware, you are crossing to a different space with new expectations.
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Online Worship: Flower Communion

Rev. Beth Banks; Worship Associate: Sarah Larkin
We’ll focus on how we create a community with heart.  When you attend this on-line worship, please bring a flower or something from nature with you. If you forget, you’re welcome just as you are. This is one … read more.

Online Worship: Ramadan: Opening the Gates of Paradise

Emily Burstein, Worship Associate.  Ramadan commemorates the month when the Qu’ran was revealed to Mohammed. We’ll share important stories about Ramadan and its importance for practicing Muslims. Our service will include the thoughts gathered from members of Davis Engagement and Interfaith Network, DEIN.

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