Rev. Beth Banks

Online Worship: Ramadan: Opening the Gates of Paradise

Jaki Conklin, Worship Associate.  Ramadan commemorates the month when the Qu’ran was revealed to Mohammed. We’ll share important stories about Ramadan and its importance for practicing Muslims. Our service will include the thoughts gathered from members of Davis Engagement and Interfaith Network, DEIN.

Pre-recorded and offered … read more.

The Wisdom of “I do not know”

Cliff Ohmart, Worship Associate; Deepening Connections: Alex Haider-Winnett & UCD Campus Students. 

UUs draw wisdom from six sources; #3, Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life. This service is one of our “outside the box” formats, with four … read more.

Evensong: Wisdom

Rev. Beth Banks & Patty Schade.  Focus: the wisdom we find in others and what we discover within ourselves.  Transition from day to evening, weekend to week. Invite friends to slow down and witness beauty. Small Group Ministries can attend together. Participate or let the … read more.

Deepening Our Connections: Love is Love is Love is Love

Rev. Beth Banks & Rev. Morgan McLean, Members of the Stewardship Team and Board; Emily Burstein, Worship Associate.

Valentine’s Day with a twist: our connections will become visible as we live the Stewardship message: Deepening Our Connections, Strengthening our Community. Our multi-generational choir debuts with … read more.

Living Like the River Flows, Including Rapids & Boulders

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Meghan Kelly, Worship Associate

Message of hope, well-being and integrity are needed in “an age of overwhelm.” We will draw from two theories about balance and living during rocky political times. Both recommend ways to feel good on the journey.

Commissioning our 2020 Visiting Stewards. They’ll be introduced … read more.

When the Moon Creates Our Beginning

Rev. Beth Banks & Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leaders; Alex Lee-Jobe & Xia Li, Worship Associates

Members and friends of UUCD whose cultural heritage bridges Asian and American identities will share how their heritage informs their identity. Each culture’s customs and perspectives are unique. The sanctuary … read more.