Online Worship: The Wisdom to Shape Life

Rev. Beth Banks; Meghan Kelly, Worship Associate; Alison Skinner, Music Director; LuAnn Higgs; Accompanist.

Pre-recorded and offered on-line at 10:30am Sunday, March 22

View on UUCD’s YouTube Channel.

Who are the wisest people you know and admire? Consider why they are your models for wisdom. The service begins with the experience of a craftsperson who looks at the grain in a piece of wood, feels the pliability, and senses its potential. The boat builder’s skill is one of the keys to living with wisdom. There will be an opportunity in the week following the service to meet remotely and discuss questions that arise from the service.

A Message for All Ages will be recorded for those of any age to hear and discuss. What Do You Do With a Problem? written by Kobi Yamada and Illustrated by Mae Besom

Link: Chalice Lighting for All Ages with Rev. Morgan McLean.