Attention & the Nimble Mind

Rev. Beth Banks; Sarah Larkin, Worship Associate.  Attention can help us transform failure into a new beginning or frustration into healing laughter. Be ready to engage for justice or love. There may be surprises for you.

Tie-in with Tasty Theology & Attention, with Improv, Wed, Nov 13, 6:45-8:30 pm, Library. Rev. Banks; Liz Merry, Improv Workshop Facilitator.  This experience gives extra insight for the Nov. 17 service, Attention & the Nimble Mind. Sign-up required; minimum of six participants; communication prior to the session: sign-up,
Liz Merry specializes in Applied Improv: improv comedy skills in everyday life: imagination, accepting what’s offered, supporting your scene partner. Through playful games and exercises, participants build a positive attitude, mental agility, emotional resilience.