Remember the Connection

Rev. Beth Banks; Jaki Levia Conklin, Worship Associate. 

In April, we celebrate Earth Day.  We begin by honoring the connections that make us whole. This service focuses on a multiplicity of connections: from Sparks Choir’s connection with northern CA UU choirs to the extensive collaboration … read more.

Diet of Torda––1568

Rev. Lehel Molna, Balázs Scholar; Rev. McLean; Autumn Labbé-Renault, Worship Associate. 

The Edict of Torda proclamation in Transylvania was the first of its kind: the right of individuals to believe and worship according to their own understanding; for clergy to preach and teach the Gospel … read more.

On the Journey to Excellence

Rev.Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Ann Hillman, Worship Associate

When in your life have you gained competence or excellence? Whether it is playing piano, becoming an effective water polo goalie, gardening (Religious Exploration meets at FARM Davis this Sunday!), writing poetry, or navigating relationships across culture and … read more.

Blurring the Boundaries

Alex Haider-Winnett, Intern Minister, Worship Leader; Emily Burnstein, Worship Associate

In 1493, after Christopher Columbus returned to Europe, the Vatican issued a decree promoting the colonization of non-Christian territories, The Doctrine of Discovery. It created nearly 600 years of international law, theology, and exploitation. Learn how … read more.

The Song of Trust

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Steve Burns, Worship Associate. 

Whether the relationships you celebrate on Valentine’s Day are friendships, romantic, or family, trust is at the foundation of love. Research has shown that it is also important for neighborhoods, community organizing, and nations. It’s created … read more.

Stewardship Sunday: When it passes out of sight, that’s when its power begins

Rev. Beth Banks, Rev. Morgan McLean, Alex Haider-Winnett, Aimee Crawford, Matt Seelke.  We search for the answers to riddles.  The clues are found in these questions: What moves in a circle and changes form as it travels? What must be consumed to continue to exist? … read more.