For: UUCD Small Group (2-20 Participants) In-Person Meetings

Masks are REQUIRED INDOORS for EVERYONE and optional outdoors for those who are fully vaccinated. However, there are many reasons to mask (covering nose and mouth) including courtesy toward others, modeling for young children, medical reasons, or the desire for added personal safety.

Unvaccinated people may remove masks for eating as long as 6 foot (or further) distancing is maintained.
Family units from the same household may be closer to each other.

  1. Outside: Participants bring their own food, do not share, take dishes and leftovers home.
  2. Outside Preparation (of food or dishes), Serving (option for shared food), and Eating
  3. Inside Preparation + Outside Serving and Eating
  4. Inside Preparation and Serving + Outside Eating


Preparation (of food or dishes) Inside:

  • Ventilate the kitchen throughout use.
  • Limit number of Preparers/Servers/Dishwashers to allow safe distancing;
    limit sharing of serving utensils.
  • If using church plates and utensils, use washbasins for dropping off used dishes, wash and sterilize.
  • If using paper dishes, please consider reducing plastic waste by using metal church utensils.


Serving, Outside or Inside:

  • Maintain safe distance between Servers and Participants, including in food line with entry and exit through different doors.
  • Participants hold plates as Servers place food; or food may be served pre-plated.
  • Drinks: Servers may pour from insulated pitchers, also milk and liquid creamer.
    Packets of sugar/powdered creamer can be provided.
  • After your event: Follow cleaning instructions posted in the kitchen: wash hands, clean frequently used surfaces and handles with disinfectant.
    Please refer to posted cleaning instructions.


Cleanup, Outside:

  • Check that nothing is left behind except waste in marked bins.


Cleanup, Inside:

  • Limit number of Clean-up Crew/Dishwashers to allow safe distancing.
  • Check that everything is returned to its place.
  • Check that nothing is left behind except waste in marked bins.